Costmetic Tattoo

Feather touch/Microblading


Why not wake up with perfect brows every morning? Microblading, also known as feather touch tattoo, is the most natural form of cosmetic tattoo. It is a semi-permanent service that mimics real hairs throughout the brow, making them appear full and defined for up to 2 years. Whether you want to achieve more structure to your brow, or want them to appear fluffy and full, microblading is the perfect solution to achieving the brow you have always wanted.

Combination brow


If you want the best of both worlds, combination brows are for you! Combination brows combine feather touch tattoo with powder brows to achieve a perfect balance between both services alone. Combination brows allow you to have the fluffiness that microblading provides with the shadowing effect of powder brows, giving you more depth through the brow, in the instance that feather touch tattoo is too natural for the look you are wanting to achieve.

Powder/Ombré Brow


A powder/ombré brows gives the illusion that brows have been filled in with pencil/shadow. Providing more depth through the brow, powder and ombré brows are permanent and are the most dramatic of all brow tattoo services.

Perfecting session


Perfecting sessions take place 4-6 weeks after your initial tattoo to ensure that the tattoo is consistent in colour and depth through its entirety. It is perfectly normal in the 4-6 weeks between appointment to have slight gaps in the tattoo, which is why the perfecting session is so important, as it ensures every client is happy with their tattoo and any necessary changes can be made to colour/shape.

Refresh session


Refresh sessions are necessary for feather touch tattoo/microblading 1-2 years after the initial tattoo as this form of cosmetic tattoo is semi-permanent. Performing a refresh session allows us to go back over the hair strokes that have already been made to accentuate them back to their initial intensity, resulting in your brows lasting and not having to be done again for another 1-2 years.

Shaping & tinting

Brow shape


Brow shapes are a no fuss, 15-minute service that ensure you have the most flattering brow shape for your facial features. Whether it’s a brow tidy or a complete reshape, your brows will be tailored specifically for your face shape and will enhance your natural features leaving you feeling beautiful and fresh.

Brow shape and tint


Why not add a little extra to your brows with the addition of a tint to your brow service? Brow tints enhance the hair that is already there and make your brows appear fuller by defining each and every hair. Tint adheres itself to the hair and lasts for up to 4 weeks before needing to be done again.

Henna Brow


Are you looking to define your brows that little bit further than tint will allow? If so, henna is the perfect treatment for you. Henna not only adheres to the hair, but also to the skin underneath it, allowing for more freedom in achieving the brows you desire. Henna lasts for 1-2 weeks on the skin and 4-6 weeks in the hair.

Enjoy a complimentary brow shape with this service.

Brow Lamination


Brow lamination is the new rage, and we can see why! Lamination is the process of restructuring the brow hairs to the exact shape you desire, making the brows appear full and fluffy for up to 6 weeks. This service can be tailored to how dramatic and full you want your brows. Please note this service can only be done every 6 weeks for optimum brow health.

Enjoy a complimentary brow shape with this service.