Lip line


Enhance their natural fullness by defining the outer line of the lips, making them appear fuller. Lip liner tattoo is permanent, and every tattoo is customised to achieve your desired result regarding colour and shape.

Lip line and blend


Go that one step further by blending your lip liner tattoo in towards the centre of your lip, giving the illusion of a customised, ‘worn in’ lipstick that enhances the natural shape of your lips and won’t rub off. A lip line and blend creates a slightly more dramatic effect than just a lip line tattoo, by providing colour that starts at the outer line of the lips and blends to nothing towards the centre of the lips.

Full lip colour


Full lip colour has the same effect as wearing a soft lipstick, as the colour starts at the lip line and covers the entirety of the lips. Colours are able to be customised to suit each client’s desired result and skin tone. With lip tattoo, it’s as easy as waking up in the morning, applying some lip gloss and being ready to start your day!

Please note: All lip tattoo services require at least 3 treatments to lock the pigment into the skin. Lips are a muscle and therefore hold pigment differently to other parts of the face.