Pre Appointment Care

In the lead up to your cosmetic tattoo appointment, we encourage you to do some research regarding the different styles of cosmetic tattoo, to gain and understanding of the particular style you wanting to achieve. There are many different options when it comes to brows, lips and eyeliner. Feel free to bring pictures in of some of the tattoos you have seen that stood out to you. We do a full consultation on the day of your appointment, as well as drawing in your tattoo prior to starting the treatment so that we can make the necessary changes before the tattoo is commenced.

On the day of your tattoo, please either wear your brows/liner/lips how you usually wear them or bring in pictures to show us, as it gives us a clearer idea of what sort of style you are comfortable wearing. This will be removed prior to commencement of the tattoo.

If you are on blood thinning medication it is recommended that you avoid taking it 3 days prior to your tattoo treatment. If on prescribed blood thinners you will need to consult your doctor prior to stopping the medication and in some cases, written consent from your doctor may be required.


If you are prone to cold sores, we recommend using anti-viral medication at least 3 days prior to your tattoo and throughout the healing process. Anti-viral medication can be purchased at pharmacies (Zovirax/Lysine) or you can get prescribed medication from your GP. Please keep in mind that a minimum of 3 treatments will be required for any lip tattoo treatments


Eyelash extensions must be removed prior to any tattoo treatment and can be applied again once the healing process is finished (usually 4 โ€“ 7 days later). Please keep in mind that a touch up is required 4-6 weeks after your initial tattoo so it would be advised to wait until both tattoo treatments have been done before getting your lashes reapplied.

If you have had previous tattooing done elsewhere and are wanting it covered/corrected please advise us prior as a consultation may be needed to determine whether corrections are possible.

Post Appointment Care

Your tattoo will appear darker for approximately seven days following your procedure. This is completely normal and will fade to the desired colour once they have healed. During this time, you may experience scabbing while the skin heals. Please do not pull the scabs off, wait for them to drop off naturally, as it minimises the risk of pulling the pigment out of the skin with them. Feather touch brows will appear much lighter after the scabs have disappeared. Do not worry during this time, as the true colour of the brow will settle into the skin approximately 10 days after the scabs have fallen off.

If we have needed to remove hairs outside of where we have tattooed your brows you will need to continue to pluck/wax the stray hairs in order for your brows to remain even.


  • Apply a thin layer of barrier cream 3-4 times daily for approximately 7 days, or until the scabs have come off
  • It is normal for the skin to itch while healing. If your skin is itchy, apply more barrier cream
  • Gently remove any existing barrier cream from your brows prior to applying more cream
  • Avoid getting your brows wet as much as possible. Always apply barrier cream before getting in the shower. You can still wash your hair and face, just avoid the brow area
  • Sunscreen is advised to protect brows from fading for the entire duration of their life
  • Avoid activity that will cause excessive sweating until your brows have healed


  • Avoid getting your eyeliner wet as much as possible. You can still wash your hair and face, just avoid the eye area
  • Avoid applying eye make up for at least 5 days following your procedure
  • Do not rub the eye area while your eyeliner is healing
  • Swelling is normal following this procedure, as the eyes tend to be quite sensitive


  • Apply barrier cream liberally to the lips following your tattoo treatment. You want to keep your lips as moist as possible during the healing stages to ensure they hold the colour. Lips tend to be swollen and tender following your tattoo treatment, and the colour will appear much darker
  • Always apply barrier cream before getting your face wet while your lips are healing
  • Do not pull the scabs off; they will drop off by themselves. By picking them off you risk pulling the pigment out
  • No spicy food or hot drinks for the first 3 days
  • No makeup, kissing or direct water for 3 days following your procedure
  • Drink through a straw where possible
  • You will need at least 3 tattoo treatments in order for the colour to be securely locked in the skin. Expect your lips to fade quite dramatically after your tattoo treatment, this is completely normal
  • Cold sores – if you have had a cold sore before, it is likely you will have a breakout following your tattoo. We recommend using anti-viral medication 3 days prior to your treatment as well as during the healing stages

If you have had previous tattooing done elsewhere and are wanting it covered/corrected please advise us prior as a consultation may be needed to determine whether corrections are possible.